Complete Tracking / Check Course

With the digital world been driven by social intelligence, it is important for you to keep track of conversations around your brand. Social web is being spammed with 500 billion conversations daily. Vigilant helps you map market trends, competition and draw instant insights
  • Track Hashtags & Keywords
  • Monitor multiple accounts in real time from a single source
  • Compile comprehensive data from all accounts your competitors run

Competitive Benchmarking

Establishing KPIs and success metrics is made possible with appropriate assessment of competitor’s market performance. Stay ahead of the trade curve!
  • Get instant benchmarks for all your social media channels
  • Compare your performance with others in Real-Time
  • Optimize your decision making process based on visualized data
  • Know the best time of the day to post, every-day and follow growth

Custom Dashboards

An integrated social media platform which ties various categories of the digital world to provide a unified solution, empowering you to listen and analyse user generated data from anywhere, anytime.
  • Create custom dashboards tailored to your specific goals
  • Analyze your collected data from within any applicable time period you specify
  • Get notified by email about the user activity
  • Share any custom dashboards as a live-feed with your colleagues
  • The analysis is made scientific by incorporating historical data

Key Influencers

Influencers facilitate a word-of-mouth edge to your brand or product. An easy access to influencers that can advocate your brand in the digital world is ‘present’ indeed!
  • Get detailed information on social media key influencers
  • Receive accurate information and filter content based on influencer activity
  • Build beneficial relationships that help to advocate your brand

Easy Export

  • Easily export any single metric or dashboard
  • Use CSV and Excel exports to get the raw data of any metric
  • Download any given metric as JPG, PNG, PDF

Sentiment Analysis

Social media marketers can have a fish-eye view of the market sentiment around the campaigns, organic conversations and know what the target audience wants.
  • Single lens view of all your channels
  • Analysis report that helps create greater engagement
  • Direct customer acquisition by demographical segmenting and ensure loyalty